HSS Hacks

location Online & at Handsworth Secondary

time December 10th - December 12th

About Us

Hosted in Vancouver, by Handsworth Secondary School's coding club, we want to gather high school and university students around the globe for a fun 48-hour hackathon two weeks before Christmas! Students, coders, designers, and tech enthusiasts from all backgrounds and different experience levels are welcome to attend HSS Hacks to put their levels to the test by collaborating with one another and creating projects to compete for prizes. Throughout the hackathon, participants will also get the chance to attend workshops and speaker events. By creating this hackathon, we aim to inspire young people and get them interested in the field of computer programing and coding.


Day 1

3:30 PM Openning Ceremony
4:00 PM Hacking Begins


A hackathon is a coding marathon, usually within the span of 24h or 48h, where you work with other coders in teams of 1-4 to build innovative solutions to real-world problems! At the end, your team will demo your solution through a video. Our judging panel will determine the winners and you can win prizes!

This hackathon is hybrid. You can join online or come to Handsworth Secondary School to work with your teammates. Take note that only handsworth students are allowed to come inside the building.If you are not a student at Handsworth, then join us online. We highly encourage Handsworth students to come in person since it is easier to communicate with your teammates that way.

December 10th 3:30 PDT - December 12th 3:30 PDT
Nope! HSS Hacks is completely free of charge.
Any high school or university students interested in coding or technology. Even people who don't have any knowledge of coding are welcome to take part in the hackathon and participate in the workshops.
No, all projects must be done within the given timeframe. Our judges will check the commit history of your project to make sure the project was made during the hackathon.
No problem! HSS Hacks is a hackathon geered towards individuals with all backgrounds and experiences, so if you are a beginner, then you are at the right place!
Yes, as long as the project is made during the timeframe of HSS Hacks, then there is no problem with cross-submitting.
Yes, you are allowed to create projects that are based on hardsware given that you can demonstrate how you made them in your pitch video.
HSS Hacks is organized by the president of Handsworth's coding club!

More sponsors to be added soon

Interested in sponsoring HSS Hacks?
Send us an email at contact@hsshacks.com